National League

National League

The aim of this league is to allow bowlers of all abilities who are interested in the sport of tenpin bowling to compete in a competitive yet fun and friendly league environment. To promote tenpin bowling as a sport and to support the development of bowlers throughout the country young and old. 

League Info

  1. The league is open to members and non-members of the STB. 
  2. Teams will consist of 3 players, with a maximum pool of 8. All 8 players must be registered before the second half of the league commencing. 
  3. The league will be handicap in all divisions. Handicaps will be based on 80% of 210. In the event of a team being a player short, a blind score of 175 (no handicap) will be given. 
  4. Teams will be ranked based on total entering average, this will create the divisions by splitting the teams into fair and equal division sizes, which will be based on the number of total entries. 
  5. After season one is complete any new additions to the league, will be added to the lowest division. Regardless of ability or teams average.
  6. A team can earn promotion up through the divisions by winning their current division. Equally a team can be relegated from a division by finishing last.
  7. Maximum teams per division is set at 6, minimum 2.
  8. All matches will consist of a 3 games series. One point will be given per game won, and one point for the total series. In the event of a tie a half point will be awarded per team. 
  9. All teams must declare their home centre on entry to the league. PLEASE confirm with your home centre that you can arrange matches within that venue and at what price per game.
  10. Lineage will vary centre to centre; however, the maximum will be set at £3.25 per game. Please confirm lineage costs with your home centre on entry. All prize money is 100% returned to the players. The lineage is surplus to the registration fee and should be paid directly to the centre when matches are played.
  11. A teams registration fee will be determined after all entries have been gathered, the necessary fee will be dictated by division size. Examples shown in the table below. The registration fee is made up from the following; £2 prize fund and £2 STB.SCIO donation per person per match
Division SizeMatchesFee
  1. Teams will play home and away throughout the year. Each match will be given a 28-day window to play from the original fixture date within the League schedule. In the unlikely event of two teams not being able to agree a date to meet, the league manager will set the date for them. This will be the Sunday closest to the 28th day. If a team fails to play or cancels without 24 hours’ notice, they will forfeit all points. Prize money and STBSCIO fees will still be collected even if the match is not played.
  2. The league will play by the general league playing rules of BTBA.
  3. All disputes must be given in writing to the league manager within 24 hours.


Registration is now open for National League 2022. Register here: