Oil Pattern Bank

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The number at the left side of each pattern represents the number it has been assigned for each event pattern draw. These numbers will stay constant until a new bank of patterns is created.
Any unused patterns in this bank will be forwarded into the next bank, but its assigned draw number may be changed.

When a pattern is drawn, its associated number will be removed for the following draws (Example: pattern 4 is drawn. The next draw would be for patterns 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9 and 10). The pattern drawn will also be shown on the rankings for each event.

8: 2023 Del Ballard*
3: 2023 Earl Anthony**
2: 2023 Chameleon
7: WTBA Stockholm*/**
1: Statue Of Liberty
9: Dead Mans Curve
6: Autobahn**
10: 2014 USBC Championships Team**
4: 2014 USBC Championships Doubles/Singles
5: 2014 Brunswick Euro Challenge

* These patterns are not included in Senior Trial pattern draws.

** Pattern has been drawn.