USA v Scotland Friendly

USA v Scotland Friendly

We are delighted to present our first friendly challenge match between Scotland and USA (by USAAI).

The event takes place on 25th and 26th July 2022. 2 days of events/disciplines to test the skills of our young athletes under 22.


  • Sunday – 1500-1800 – Unofficial Practice (Murrayfield Indoor Sports Club)
  • Monday – 1600-2200 – Singles & Trios
  • Tuesday – 1430-1830 – Doubles & Mixed Baker Doubles
  • Banquet – 1900- till late


All Results



Bryan Jones

Seth Miller

Brayden Ebeling

Michael Anderson

Molly Dunwiddle

Antonio Miranda

Isabell Woolsoncroft

Justin Preston

Brady Catron

Emma Foland

Colby Lovegreen

Elena McGuire

Jessenia Hernandez

Ethan Diehl

Kellie Kritzler

Noah Gasperino

Elizabeth Blackman

Jon Riley

Lauren Leonardi

Collin Bode

Emaree Nester

Dylan Holmes

Ethan Gonzalez

Cameron Carlstedt


Ben Wallace

Aidan Smith

Kevin Shaw

Conor Davidson

Isla Claxton

Melissa Ainslie

Sarah Scott

Carissa Anderson

Calum Robertson

Amy Addison

Abi McIntosh

Rachael Buchanan

Euan Coote

Jason Smith

Jamie Hunter

Jack Relly

Kierron Deans

Thomas Bartlett

Matthew Crossan

DJ Alexander

Shayne Smith

Leah Robertson

Dylan Graham

Zane Galbraith

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