General Statement and Balance Hole Ruling

General Statement and Balance Hole Ruling

June 20, 2020 0 By webmaster

Dear Members,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during these difficult times! And, as we start to see improvement in the circumstances we find ourselves in, hopefully like us, you are looking forward to getting back to bowling in the near future…fingers crossed it’s not too much longer now.

With this in mind, we have been working on some fun, new and exciting things during this period which we hope to share with you soon. So, please keep a look out for posts on our official communication channels (e.g. mailing list, Facebook page, website).

For now though, we would like to make you aware that we have been looking into the new ruling regarding balance holes having to be filled in bowling balls, mainly that this is due to come into effect from 1st August 2020.

Whilst the STB will be adopting this rule, we feel that it is only proper to extend the implementation of it until 1st January 2021 due to the fact that many people will not have had access to facilities or their pro shop operator in the current restrictions. This should give everyone the time and opportunity to do so.

We look forward to seeing you all back in centres and at tournaments as soon as we overcome the present challenge.

Yours in sport,

STB Board